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My daughter was pregnant and the CBD Oil helped her with the pain in her legs! She could sleep at last! 🙏

34 Brits

I’ve used a few high quality CBD oils, I found that other CBD Oils gave me some relief, but I felt a little drowsy, with a pressurizing job I need to focused at work without being high. Homeostasis Healing CBD Oil, healing without the high, is the best I’ve ever tried!

26 Cape Town CBD

The CBD oil is of such a quality that I have been able to cut down on my pain meds from 4x a day to once a day, using the oil morning and night. I have tried other hemp products that did not work as well.
I also use the CBD cream with great results.
Look no further guys. These products are awesome
Thank you!

45 Centurion

Amazing product that’s tried, tested and actually works! thank you guys!

29 Dublin, Ireland

In Bike accident 1981 crushed nerve right leg, since I started using cbd oil I have noticed less pain blood circulation improved a lot.

52 Garsfontein

Amazing product and pure🙏🏻😎 really helps with my sleeping patterns and my lower back pain!!!

32 Centurion

Got my first bottle at the Cannabis Expo and the results have been amazing, all joint and back pains are gone, feeling fitter and loving it.

36 Johannesburg East

Homeostasis Healing CBD is healing my Arthritis! I was bedridden for a few weeks and after 2 weeks of using the oil I feel about 70% Healed! I can move far more easily now.

58 Cape Town Southern Suburbs

My son went for an operation and was left with a scar.. Dr’s told us to use bio oil for the scar… After 2 month’s no difference.. Then I got the Daily Moisture CBD Infused Full Body Cream and starting to apply this to his scar. In 3 month there was a day and night difference!!

6 Highveld

I have been very happy with the energy I experienced throughout the day and the overall good feeling I felt. I will definitely recommend it to anyone that suffers with anxiety. Thanks so much👍

26 Johannesburg South

I have suffered with eczema for years, and after only one application of Homeostasis Healing CBD cream, I found significant relief. I now use the oil in conjunction with the cream for Epilepsy, Insomnia and many other Ailments

40 Cape Town North

My general fatigue and body pain is completely gone.

36 Fourways

Homeostasis Healing CBD Oil and cream has helped my chronic pain which was a result from an old spinal injury. I have never before found such quick and effective pain relief from any other Treatment or CBD cream.

55 Cape Town Southern Suburbs

Amazing product for such a wide variety of ailments!!!

30 Amanzimtoti

Been using CBD daily cream instead of face cream and my skin looks and feels amazing. Great products and great service!

32 Hartbeespoort
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