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Homeostasis Healing

Homeostasis Healing (Pty) Ltd was established early 2019. The reason it was established was because Co-founder and Managing Director Yules Naidoo decided to try using CBD Oil as a desperate attempt to increase his 60-year-old mum’s quality of life, who had been diagnosed with stage four osteoporosis. “Over the last 10 years my siblings and I have tried everything under the sun to help our mum with chronic pain. Nothing really helped, until we took a chance on CBD.”

They were informed by the doctors that nothing could be done. Also, his mum would have to stay on chronic pain medication until she passes. “Medication which didn’t even help, If anything, it was obliterating her liver and kidneys.” He added.

After one week of taking the oil morning and night, they could not believe what was happening his mum was full of life, she looked healthier her skin looked younger and best of all her pain literally had gone from a 10/10 to a 3/10, according to his mum. That’s when he knew, he knew he had to get this out there into society and spread the word! There are people out there suffering just like his mum and he knew how to help!

That same day he contacted his long-time friend Caleb Stephen who has over 10 years pharmaceutical experience and together they founded Homeostasis Healing in hopes to help as many people as they can.

“We are grateful to report that as of the 27th of November 2019, just after 9 months of being on Homeostasis Healing CBD Oil, Mrs Vigie Naidoo had fully recovered from a said to be incurable disease. How amazing is that??!!  Please see below laboratory reports of before and after. Look at the dates and the highlighted information”

Also below we have added Yules Naidoo’s interview with Craft Cannabis Sessions at the 2019 Cannabis Expo in Sandton, Johannesburg. Please see below.

We are a proudly South African company who is in the business of supplying and distributing Cannabidiol (CBD) oil and CBD infused products.

Our supplier imports raw cold-pressed CBD oil from Canada as they have done extensive research on cannabis and its various health benefits. Our CBD oils have been tested by third party laboratories. (Certificates available on request).

The CBD oil is then infused with other herbal oils and or creams to increase our product range as well as to develop an arrangement of products to suit specific needs of our consumer.

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